Above is the link to a video filmed by Charlie’s mum of him appearing in the Thomas The Tank Engine Ident. Looks like he had loads of fun doing this! Well done Charlie x



Hi Debi

Here are a few photos from Rosie’s first job filming for a downloadable application promoting a growth hormone treatment to the medical profession.

It was a long day – we left home near Kingston-upon-Thames at 6.30am to travel to Bristol and didn’t get back until just after 9pm, with the start of filming being delayed due to some technical problems.

Rosie felt very important as she was the “main” character in the production and the only one to be supplied with a particular outfit to wear in line with the storyboard – the other children just wore their own clothes.  All her filming on set was done on her own, with her on screen “friends” being filmed separately (and they were also able to go home a lot earlier).

The application that they are filming for required Rosie to hold the same facial expressions and look at the same point for considerable lengths of time.  Rob, the director said that Rosie was brilliant at this and was impressed that she didn’t complain when it was obviously making her cheeks hurt at times.  All the crew and studio staff were so friendly and helpful and said she did a fantastic job and couldn’t believe that this was her first shoot.

The long day was broken up with regular breaks.  Rosie was delighted with the constant supply of food & drink on offer and didn’t mind at all being the only one that had to wear an overall when eating.

Rosie wasn’t able to keep the actual outfit she was filmed in, but the production manager kindly let her keep the “back up” jeans and also 2 brand new pairs of Converse shoes which was an added bonus!

I spent most of the day in the green room watching daytime TV and grazing on the food, but I did manage to sneak down and take one photo of her on set.

Thanks so much to Bizzykidz for fixing this one up for her. X