Liza has recently taken part in a promo shoot for Tommy’s charity, called “when I grow up”. Lots and lots of kiddies got to stand in front of a camera and tell what they want to be when they grow up. And each child was given a teddy bear after the shoot, which was a pleasant surprise :-). Two months later we got to see the final video and hooray! Liza made the cut! Not only that, but she is also featuring on the start page ofwww.tommys.org (which is now in the serious danger of crashing due to my opening it a thousand times a day :-)). Cannot be prouder of my future zookeeper (that’s what she said she wanted to be) and big thanks to Bizzykidz.

Best regards,



Hi Debi,

This was Cem’s first shoot and he absolutely loved every minute of it.
He Modelled 10 outfits in total & was so involved that they let him choose his outfits.
He loved the teddy bear jumper so much that i had to order it for him.

Thank you so much for the opportunity & we’re looking forward to the next one what ever it may be.

Lots of love
A very proud mummy xxxx



Hey, me again. Here are some shots of the idents Ollie filmed 2 days for the other week. He had a Mum, Dad, Sister, Gran and Grandad for this one! He had a lovely time and we were treated so well (car from the station and everything!). He put up christmas decorations and it even snowed on set!!! They should be out through autumn and Christmas.
Looking foward to seeing these! thanks BK!!
Sara – Oliver Breed’s mum xx



Lexie had a great time at the Debenhams shoot and thoroughly enjoyed herself. We had an early start as the shoot was 9.00am till 11.30am . Left home at 7.00am as did not want to risk being late. We got there in an hour so went and had breakfast in the cafe. When we went to the studio we met Elanor and Veisa from Bizzykidz as well . The girls had good fun getting to know each other while waiting. We did not have to wait long and it was time to have their hair and makeup done which both girls thoroughly enjoyed, chatting away to the makeup lady. Both girls got their own photographer and personal stylist who picked the outfits out for them. Lexie had ten different outfits to model with various different shoes. She enjoyed posing and getting all the attention. The hospitality was fantastic with drinks, croissants, pan chocolade, sweets, strawberries and grapes all laid on for the chaperones and the kids . We finished at 11.45 am by this time Lexie was getting tired . Fitted in a trip to Hamleys on the way back and Lexie slept the whole way home.
All in all avery enjoyable day.
Obviously she must have done a good job as when we got home we got a phone call to say they wanted her again on Tuesday. So we get to do it all again.
Thanks Bizzykidz
Tracy Main



Here’s the fab advert featuring our Eva Patten.

Click below to view the film