Day 1: 12/07/12 – Carrefour
Ellia enjoyed her very first shoot for Carrefour today and was such a good girl! She played happily whilst waiting her turn before getting in a high chair for photographs of her drinking milk from a bottle then sippy cup. I must say….she really worked that cup!!.. Drank from it, cuddled it, shook it, banged it, kissed it, put it on her head, tummy then chin! She was VERY full after 3 cups worth of photographs!!! The photographer seemed pleased with the shots he got today & in taking a sneaky peak over his shoulder, I think they looked great too. Mummy is proud!

Day 2: 14/07/12 – Carrefour
Today, the aim was to get the little ones   modelling a nappy whilst looking through their legs. Ellia was very happy to do this which meant the photographer spent a long time working with her trying to get the right shot/light/position etc. Ellia worked very hard today and it was very tiring for her repeating the same thing. But she worked with a constant smile and really enjoyed all of the attention. What a proud Mum I am