On 13th June this year, we went to London for a shoot – we were not sure quite what to expect as Emily was down as a ‘hand model’, but filming was scheduled for a whole day!
On arrival, the crew were all very welcoming, and so child focussed – they explained what Emily was going to be doing, and showed her the story board and a ‘rough’ version made by the crew, so that she had an idea of what she needed to do.
They were clear at giving instruction, were fab at giving feedback to get the results they wanted and gave lots of praise.   They were surprised to find themselves finishing sooner than they had expected too, so Emily was allowed to go home after lunch.  I could not be more impressed with how child friendly they were, and how they engaged Emily.
The crew also offered to get me drinks, magazines and ‘anything I wanted’….although not used to such levels of attention, I declined on all counts except a coffee!!
Whilst initially I was a touch upset that it was just her hands they were interested in (!!) I am soooooo proud of my little hand model, love the final result and thank you for the opportunity!

Please find the link to the finished article and a picture that I took on the day.