The Cheatah’s Music Video

Hi Debi,

Just wanted to say a big THANKS for another great opportunity & a different experience for Zane. He is currently being featured in the Cheatah’s music video, “Coared”.
He had a fantastic day & thoroughly enjoyed himself acting as a naughty boy without being told off! There were a few BizzyKidz models there too & they all played lovely together! Here are a few pics from the day.
Thanks again & we look forward to the next opportunity xxx
Mellisa & Zane xx




Fab feedback from the company who hired Bizzy Studios and our film crew on Tuesday, and booked our lovely Elisha Johnson –

“I would like to feedback some of the comments that I have received:

Healthcare Said, Quote: From my perspective thought they were great. Managed Elisha excellently. Nice biscuits too.

Terry said : You guys were a pleasure to work with, very professional and that Elisha was a diamond, please pass that on to her!
Terry also said: You are very nice people who he would look forward to working with in the future

From my point of view, the project went according to plan and every one appears to be happy. Thank you for all your effort, and we will most certainly be in touch because there will be lots of ‘anything else’ coming your way as soon as we can get it all sorted.”

Massive thank you from Debi & Bizzykidz to Elisha Johnson, all the staff at Bizzy Studios and the fab Stuart Dunlop for his creative skills on the day.

Keep up the good work!



Check out our fab boys Rico Scarpato & Yannik Baker looking super cool dudes on the Asda website modelling the new George @ Asda clothing range.

What a couple of little stars they were!



Cambridge University – Stills Shoot

This was Joshua’s first stills shoot and straight shoot so we were very excited. Bizzykidz worked hard to help pull this through for us – getting school letter and council licences back and forth with such short notice. So Thanks BK!

The shoot was for the University of Cambridge’s marketing campaign for its english studying programme. It was shot in Oxford and we had a full day shoot. There were two photographers, each with a A4 list of shots and poses required and once we started, it was shot after shot. Joshua was very natural and did really well. The photographer only had to take 2 or 3 shots each time as he got the ‘look’ needed and we went through the list quite quickly. There were outdoor shoots as well, followed by some classroom scenes with a ‘teacher’ and a girl.

Needless to say, Joshua had a great time and at the end of it, he said,” I hope they were happy with me and will choose me.” Bless him, he didn’t understand it was a straight shoot! Well now that he knows, let’s hope there are many more to come.




George @ Asda – Weymouth Beach Catwalk Show!

Holly got rebooked for another fashion show for George@Asda which made me immensely proud! We went to Weymouth yesterday for an early start this morning on Weymouth Beach and all went really well! Weather was great, kids were fantastic and a fun day was had by all! Best thing is they indicated there are more shows to come so yes please…bring it on! 🙂
Thanks Bizzykidz for yet another fab booking for Holly!!

Silke xx