Hello Debi
Just thought I’d pass on this email to you from his audition!
Hi Miranda
I was very taken with Raife as he is definitely a natural. The main reason I wanted to get in contact was to tell you that I passed on your email to one of my peers Maria who sat in on the audition. She immediately asked for your information and I am sure that she will be in touch within a couple of days. I think Raife has something good that quickly leaves some young actors; they stop acting like kids and start acting like actors, and that can get very frustrating. I really don’t have any constructive feedback, as I just made them act like kids and boy! did they deliver. Raife has a very distinct air of confidence, which did not work for my film but is what Maria really liked and I think that is  going to be his secret weapon in the acting world.  I am really looking forward to a time when I can work with him and I wish him luck with all of his future endeavors!!!
I do believe Raife has definitely got something special and being with Bizzykidz has given him lots of opportunities to show off his talent at just being him!With the castings, workshop, corp vid, and childline. In just 6 months I think that your fantastic agency has done so much to help him achieve his goals and I know an opportunity is not far away!
I am not a pushy showbiz parent but I do believe in helping my kids achieve their dreams!
Thank you for putting Raife forward to so many clients ,we are recieving light boxes each week !
A big Thankyou to you and everyone at BIzzy!
Miranda x