Hi Debi,

Here are the links of Robin’s recent shoots
http://www.toysrus.co.uk/Babies-R-Us/Collections/Olive-and-Henri-Dress-Set(0091391) this is the one of him wearing the dress, he did do 2 other outfits but I haven’t seen them on the website yet, have ordered the catalogue to see if he is in there too!!
Aww bless him, being ‘pretty’ does have its advantages


“Tug Of War” Music Video – Roxanne Emery

I had a brilliant day taking part in the “Tug Of War “ Video (sung by Roxanne Emery).  We had to play at ‘Cowboys and Indians’ in a house and in a garden.   It was such fun and Roxanne and all crew wer so lovely and took care of us all day.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.    Love from Morgan P     xxxx

We went to a private house in Putney, where Roxanne, staff and director met us and gave us the script. The children had to stage a birthday party, which will be like a flash back in the story to the time, when Roxanne had the first not so good encounter with her boy friend. They acted out some adventure game and then a scene at the party table that ends up in arm wrestling. There is some more to the story, which I don’t want to give away, but the kids had a lot of fun – it was almost like a real party! We were all very well looked after and will hopefully all get a chance to go to Roxanne’s concert in March ☺! Thank you so much for a beautiful experience, we can’t wait to see the finished result. Clara S D





“That’s me”, said an excited Melody while watching Johnny English Reborn (again), we just bought the DVD today!! I really can’t thank you Bizzykidz enough for the oppurtunity 🙂 xxx

Melissa Chai



Check out this fab film of the making of the new Danette commercial. Our kids look like they had a fabulous day on this shoot and what a little keepsake….check out our Lewis Goold playing around half way…you can’t miss him! Well done all involved (most of the kids were Bizzykidz on this one!)