Hi Sadie/Debi

Sorry this has taken so long, but I’ve finally found a moment to say thanks for the great cast you gave us for the Children in the Middle job.

The kids we cast were terrific and we have a very happy client since they viewed the rough cuts yesterday.

Molly and Felix made excellent brother and sister and behaved incredibly professionally on set – we had five clients watching us shoot that scene so it must have been pretty daunting, but they were really consistent all morning.

David had a mix up with his script but managed to learn a whole scene in half an hour. He might get more attention as a model initially, but he can really act and took direction very well. Hard to supress his naturally smiley nature, but he did a good job of being miserable!

Parissa was superb – really consistent and mature way beyond her years. Definitely a winner and everyone on the crew fell in love with her. Very talented and confident – and her mum was lovely too.

James-Tobias had really learnt his lines and was very consistent so was great at doing take after take. He was very serious on set, so we all found ourselves being much less jokey and more professional, which was amusing.

The last day’s teens were excellent. Matt was really thoughtful about his performance and took direction very well, and our moody miss from King’s Lynn will go a long way – she didn’t have a great deal to work with in the script but she really understood her role and gave a very strong supporting performance, which is a tricky thing to do with a lot of standing around.

So thank you very much for finding that lot, their “parents” were all impressed with both their talent and their professional approach, which reflects very well on the training they receive from Bizzykidz.

I was worried early on about the timeline we were working to but you managed to get us our first choices for every role. Many thanks once again and I look forward to working with you on the next one.

Kind regards