Wow what a fantastic job this was for the kids! They had loads of fun with what was a photoshoot to remember! The pictures and the comments from some of the parents below say it all I think!! Hope you all cleaned up easily afterwards LOL – Only a few of the unedited versions available at the moment, looking forward to seeing the final ones!


Megan had a great time at the “messy shoot”! She especially enjoyed wiping a jam doughnut all around her face without being told off. The guys there were great with the kids and made them feel really comfortable. Thank you for yet another great opportunity for Megan. Nadia – Megan’s mum

Shona had a great time posing at the camera, she had to do attitude face,  a annoyed  face, screaming face & face were she was desperate to eat the doughnut! Shona enjoyed every single minute of the shoot! Especially getting her face messy & getting to give attitude!  thank you for the opportunity xxx

The photographer & assistant were also lovely & made the children feel special & welcome! The actual pictures are brilliant but we won’t be getting them yet, in a few weeks xxxx Lisa xxxx

When I went to my messy shoot I liked having the yoghurt spread on my face and making a mess. I also liked it when I was told to scream really loudly and when I had to cross my arms and be cross with my Mummy. From Maddi Pateman
We had a lovely time at the messy shoot. We were made to feel very welcome by Chris and Jill and they made Maddi feel very relaxed – as well as making the shoot lots of fun! Where else would she be allowed to get that messy with a yoghurt?? All in all it was a great afternoon and I was very proud of her – thank you BK for the opportunity.  Julia Richardson (Maddi’s mum)
Liza went for a photoshoot job on Saturday 18th of February and I can tell you that she loved every single minute of it. Chris started with taking some regular pictures and then he asked Liza to pull different faces – happy, angry, menacing, etc. She was completely thrilled -Liza is all about pulling faces :-). And to polish it off, she was given a doughnut with chocolate spread on top and asked to eat it in front of the camera – pulling faces again – plus spreading chocolate all over her face. Now she is asking me when she can go and do it again!
So I have a very happy bunny here, thank you very much, Bizzykidz!

Hi Debi & Sadie,

Thank you so much for the opportunity for Zane to attend this shoot. He had so much fun acting as a “naughty character”!
Chris, the photographer was very enthusiastic and Zane took direction from him well. It was really funny because after the “messy chocolate shoot”, Zane was allowed to eat the chocolate doughnut, but he didn’t like it, as you can see from the final picture.
Thanks again & we’re looking forward to the next opportunity. Melissa xx
id like to thank bizzykidz for the opportunity, Mellieha and Mason were lucky enough to get their first job together for a photographic shoot. We arrived at the shoot and were instantly made to feel comfortable, Both kids had to pose for a number of different shots from different angles. They had so much fun getting messy and making gestures and did everything asked of them which got some lovely comments and feedback from the photographer. Thank you xx Lindsey xx



Here are a few images of our gorgeous and ever popular Shelley K on set for her Renault TV Commercial – Well done honey, hope you weren’t too cold!!