our lovely Garth Simpson on the set of Lewis!! lovely shot, thanks mum for sharing and for your message below x

We had a fantastic day on the set of the ITV drama Lewis as Garth had been booked to play the role of Inspector Lewis’s grandson. He had a great photo shoot with Kevin Whately, for the photos to be incorporated into an episode called ‘Fearful Symmetry’. We were not sure what to expect as this was Garth’s first job since joining the agency but the production staff could not have been more helpful and friendly. Garth had his own trailer with his name on the front which was most comfortable and we had access to all the facilities on set. We were driven up to the photo shoot which took place at Worcester College in Oxford and Garth had some shots taken with ‘Grandad Lewis’ to make it look like they were on a day out together. Kevin Whately and all the crew were so sweet with Garth and the way Garth performed for the pictures you would have though Garth had known Kevin all his life! I was a very proud Mummy indeed. Thank you Bizzykidz for getting us such a great job!