Dear Debi,
Shanei and same with the other kids had a fantastic time at Cotswolds mini wardrobe photoshoot. Although it was freezing cold to start with, the weather and the place was absolutely perfect and beautiful. It was nice to meet other mum and dads who were there as well. The staff,the producer of BBC and especially Caroline was so accommodating to all of us, giving and serving us food both parents and the children. Shanei was so happy and I could not believe when they were filming she was outspoken and she loves to do it. Thank you for this opportunity for my daughter. Shanei said she would love to do it again.What a great experience!!!
Kind Regards,
Annabelle xx
Hi Bizzykidz
Yesterday’s shoot at Southrop Manor was fantastic! It was such a beautiful place and the weather was gorgeous. We arrived and Lola was thrilled to discover that her Bizzy friend from Sunday’s Child Model Academy was there too. Happy days!
All the children were lovely and the photographer was terrific with them. They all looked great in the clothes and they got to run and play in the amazing gardens while the photographer snapped away. I can’t wait to see the pictures!
Lola really enjoyed herself and it was lovely to see the Bizzy kids and meet the Bizzy mums. Thanks Bizzy!