What a lovely surprise to open the current edition of OK Magazine today and see our lovely Oliver Breed on a double page spread with his pretend daddy in the Sainsburys Campaign. This is taken from the current Sainsburys television commercial which everyone is talking about. A lovely advert that will be remembered for a long time, truly beautiful to watch. Well done all who were involved in this production and of course a HUGE well done to our little Ollie!!



Thank u thank u so much for this wonderful opportunity, what great timing for us to be in France the month!
Melody appeared in the French Elle!! U cannot imagine how proud I am and all my family members who are travelling with me!! All
thanks to u!!! I have an extra copy for the boy next to Melody if he wants a copy (he is from BK as well??!!) can u pass the
message to his parents?




Above is the gallery of images from this shoot and below is the link to the commercial and a lovely email from Oliver B’s proud mummy!


Ollie had a fantastic 6 days shooting the commercials and photos for Sainsburys. He said his favourite part was running on the beach. Everyone was so lovely and treated Ollie like a prince. We spent 2 days in Worthing and 3 in a house in London for the filming and they took us there in a really posh car and put us up in a hotel!! He even had the top deck of a hired double decker bus for him to play on when he was off set. The process was fascinating to watch and I couldnt believe how many people were there! Ollie and Lee (the actor that played his dad) got on famously and were always having great fun on and off the camera. Everyone said how fantastic Ollie was and he’s keeping in touch with them via Facebook. They showered Ollie with presents and send us tickets to go to the Dr Who experience in London to say thank you (and Ollie couldnt have been more delighted!)
Since the campain has aired everyone we know has commented on what a good job he’s done… Ollie on the other hand is the same child he ever was and just responds “I know” and continues to play with his toys.

Sara x




Cant get the image round the right way lol but if you lay down on your side you can see what a lovely time Joshua had at his Crayola job! And here is a lovely message from mum x

Joshua had the fantastic opportunity to work with Crayola this week on the “Glow station day & night”.

The product features a light-up wand that creates drawings on a special canvas and glows in the dark or even daylight. There are also stencils to create patterns and shapes too.

It was an amazing experience as Joshua was dressed up as a little professor and the set felt almost magical being filmed in the dark with a light-up wand and glowing pictures!

The film crew were fantastic, guiding the children what to do and I was very surprised to see the actor in Joshua!

And to top it off, every child was given the products that they worked on as a thank you gift. Joshua was really happy with two glow station products and a set of markers for his brother too.


Bizzykidz Euromillions Win!!

Debi Clark (Bizzkidz Director) with Rebecca Irons-Mclean (Bizzykidz syndicate organiser & parent on our books) are pictured here celebrating with the winning Euromillions cheque! 36 very lucky mums shared one of just four winning euromillions tickets in the UK on Friday 2nd September. The winning cheque for just under £34,000 will go a long way to help pay towards those new school shoes needed this week and of course with Christmas looming again what a fantastic way to end the summer!!!

They say that wins come in threes, so here’s to the next two everyone! Well done and good luck!