Cant get the image round the right way lol but if you lay down on your side you can see what a lovely time Joshua had at his Crayola job! And here is a lovely message from mum x

Joshua had the fantastic opportunity to work with Crayola this week on the “Glow station day & night”.

The product features a light-up wand that creates drawings on a special canvas and glows in the dark or even daylight. There are also stencils to create patterns and shapes too.

It was an amazing experience as Joshua was dressed up as a little professor and the set felt almost magical being filmed in the dark with a light-up wand and glowing pictures!

The film crew were fantastic, guiding the children what to do and I was very surprised to see the actor in Joshua!

And to top it off, every child was given the products that they worked on as a thank you gift. Joshua was really happy with two glow station products and a set of markers for his brother too.