Sebastian was a super star on the shoot days!
The first day, he got on very well with the other children involved. He managed to do his takes quite quickly as he was listening to what had to be done. (praised and given some sweets for his efforts).
Day 2, it started to rain so they had to change location which took time, and we were asked to stay longer. Sebastian was suberb again, he did everything he was told. (I was gobsmacked). But then his good behaviour ended in a very diva manner, when he turned and droppped onto the sofa arm and said that he would no longer do it! But after a sandwhich and some more treats, he was back to his super self and we managed to complete the shoot.
I am hoping he is this eager all the time ūüôā
Thank you for the opportunity



Here’s a lovely message from Dante & Zane A’s mummy. Lovely to see the boys working together for a change and we can’t wait to see the advert either! Well done boys!

It was Zane & Dante’s first job together for a Sainsbury’s Halloween still shoot & they had a fab time!¬† Zane was a “Mummy Zombie” & Dante was a “Vampire”.¬† The day was beautiful & so sunny, that¬†we had to wait until the sun went down before they started shooting.

Zane & Dante both thought they were going to go “Trick or Treat” after the shoot, so the crew gave them chocolates, a pumpkin & the Halloween toys¬†they¬†used as props to take home.¬† Here are a few shots¬†of them in costumes from the day.

Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity & I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Zane (5 years) & Dante (4 years) mum, Mellisa



I had a brilliant time at the Sainsbury’s Halloween photo shoot, I had a lovely gold and black witches costume to wear and all the other kids looked so scarey in their costumes, we had so much fun running around the garden and making scarey faces while we had our photos taken, and when it was finished we could eat the sweets and chocolate out of the trick or treat buckets, it was amazing. Thank you Bizzykidz I loved this job so much!!
Alexa Scarpato age 4




Just received an email from a parent, which is a lovely reminder of why I love this job….its makes everything so worth while

Hi Bizzykidz

Just wanted to say a big Thank you, we just saw Talia’s first ever advert during the Xfactor intervals and there is a close up of her and we were all screaming with excitement. ¬†It was a wonderful experience for her and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks again




Hi Bizzykidz! Sami has just finished 5 days of filming for Cartoonito. He had a fantastic time it was an amazing experience for all of us, being on a real live film set. Sami was treated like a star by wardrobe, make-up, and especially Nicola (the runner) who made sure Sami had everything he needed. The director and producer said he was a natural, we were so proud of him. Samis favourite part was playing Geppetto in front of a film crew. He also loved the restaurant and enjoyed the deserts very much.(Thank you so much for making this possible for Sami he will always remember his week!!!!!!!!).