A client for a cereal product requested suggestions from us for a stills shoot in the next few weeks. They selected 32 kiddies and ALL of them were from Bizzykidz! A fantastic achievement and one I am very proud of my bookers for securing. All the kids are now being licenced and all confirmed. And when you think things can’t get any better there is always something more around the corner to surprise you!  Well done everyone x



Fantastic feedback from the director for our adorable Toby Turpin who is currently appearing in the brilliant Morrison’s Television Commercial at the moment…

it’s great to have the opportunity to let you know that we thought Toby was fantastic; what a talent, and such a charming boy.

He was an absolute pleasure to have on the shoot, and I hope he is enjoying seeing himself during the shows!





‘I went to a Mattel shoot for a tv commercial for a new batman toy, it was a really fun day.  When we got to the shoot the corner of the studio had been made to look like a bedroom with a tent made out of cushions and sheets.  Although Mum said it looked a lot tidier than mine and my brothers bedroom.  I met another boy from Bizzykidz and we got to play with the toy and we had to pretend we were best friends.  I did get achy legs as we had to stay on our knees inside the tent for a while but when they gave us a break they brought out sandwiches and cakes.  They had a tray of chocolate brownies which were really nice and I ate loads.  It was a really fun day and they let me keep the clothes they put me in which are really cool.  Thank you Bizzykidz for arranging this brilliant day, I can’t wait til next week when I have another shoot.’