Message from Arisa Rose Greatrix following her Nickelodeon shoot

Today I went to a Nickelodeon Shoot for a TV commercial and had such a fun day. I made 4 new friends and we played lots of games with the Nickelodeon Staff in the morning. We played Musical Chairs and I got upset as I didn’t win but won other games but this was my favourite game. We then had our lunch break and we all went to McDonald’s and had Happy Meals. After lunch we went into a big green room which was really fun and did lots of fun things in front of the camera like pretending theres lots of ice creams in the sky and jumping in muddy puddles and chasing balloons. We had lots of food and drink through the whole day and I loved working with all the Nickelodeon staff. They gave me a really pretty dress to wear for the day and I really wanted to keep it so I asked the nice lady and she said because I had been such a good girl I could take it home with me. Thank you Bizzykidz for such a good day and its all down to you. I can’t wait to do more days like this.


Debenhams Photographic Shoot Aug 11

Imogen Peart’s Debenhams images

Imogen had a great time at her recent photographic shoot for Debenhams, we were thrilled that this was her first job and we didnt have to wait long to see the results, just 2 days and they were on Debenhams website. Thank you Bizzykidz


Topboy Shoot

Mum sent some shots in of Olivia John-Baptiste at her recent Topboy shoot for us to share!

Picture 1:  This is Olivia, standing outside her trailer, as you can see the character she plays is called ‘Natasha’.  Olivia had great fun preparing for her scenes in her trailer, and she would occassionally pop out and have fun running around ‘battersea park’ where the team were set up.

Picture 2:  This is a picture of Olivia and her on screen mum claire.  They are on set at the Topboy shoot.  Olivia had fun on both days of the shoot, and enjoyed seeing herself on the screen.  Even though they were very busy and were runnning to a tight schedule, the staff and other cast members made us feel very welcome and took the time to make sure Olivia was happy and comfortable at all times.  It was hard work, but a brilliant experience for Olivia.


A fab experience!!


Morrison’s Television Commercial

Currently running on TV, here are some fab stills of our Toby Turpin on set at his Morrison’s televsion commercial shoot

“Toby had the most incredible time filming for “Born to Shine”, Morrison’s supermarket ident in July 2011. He was treated so very well, and the whole set-up so professional.  He got to do his favourite thing..irish dance !
Everyone praised him for his professionalism and his politeness, and he nailed the routine quicker than everyone else nailed theirs.
Great memories, and excellent experience for my little Irish dancer – thank you Bizzykidz!” Teresa Turpin (mum)


Junior Magazine

Rico Scarpato looking very cool for his Junior Magazine shoot