Russian Photoshoot

Following a fantastic straight shoot with no audition Alexandra P sent us a lovely email to let us know how she got on

Hi Debi

the photo shoot I went to today was really good, and overall i think it went quite well, i listened to what you told me and was more confident and chatty like you said. when we got there i had my makeup done and the stylist chose which clothes i wore, and she chose a red sleeveless shirt with jeans. the shoot was set in a classroom and i had to be smiling, imagining i had just won the lottery haha! i really enjoyed it and hope i get many more 🙂
thanks for putting me forward, alex xx


Hedrin Television Commercial

Hi Debi
Just a few words about filming yesterday.
James-Tobias quotes: mummy tell Bizzykidz I had the most amazing time filming for the hedrin tv commercial. I was happy all day and loved hanging upside down on the harness. I didn’t want to take the harness off all day!! Thank you Bizzykidz.

Kelli xxx
James-Tobias is as we speak now Directing and pretending to make a tv commercial. He is so funny. Bless him. X




Thank you Bizzykidz for my first magazine photo shoot, the clothes they gave me to wear for the shoot were awesome, I felt so smart. It was such fun outside in the large garden doing all the different shots, can’t wait to see the pictures in Junior Magazine in September, thanks again Bizzykidz, it was brilliant!!!! Rico Scarpato age 7



Dante A’s Mothercare Shoot with Bizzykidz Agency – Autumn/Winter 2011 catalogue
Thank you so much for this opportunity, I’m so happy! The final product is fantastic. I’ve showed it to all my family in Jamaica & America too. Thank you once again :)) xx