Yet again Bizzykidz leads the way for the child model and child talent industry and introduces our ground breaking photo montages for children’s agency profiles. All children have the facility for 4 photographs and 2 videos on their website portfolios and even have a voiceover play button. Ours is the ONLY child modelling agency to offer such a varied portfolio facility for their children and the increase in work and client activity in our Bookings Dept just shows how popular these are for our children.

The acting showreels are filmed after a 2 hour workshop at our studios with an actor and agency staff. A full assessment is carried out and added to the child’s CV and the video is distributed to clients and added to portfolios within 24 hrs.

Photo Montage’s are yet another brilliant Bizzykidz idea, allowing children to have up to 18 MORE photos on their model portfolio. While clients are viewing a child’s profile what better than to have a video automatically playing alongside showing a wider variety of images and looks, that perhaps were not suitable for portfolio and agency shots. Set to beautiful piano music, these also make wonderful gifts and keepsakes to treasure.

Our mini showreels are excellent to show movement of a child and so bring their portfolio to life! One of the Channel 4 Directors said they could not believe how helpful they were for pre-cast selection and asked why nobody had thought of them before. Well of course somebody had to be first and yet again it was Bizzykidz!

This month alone we have seen an almost 400% increase in clients playing our children’s videos; coinciding with our new website launch and the HUGE incline in client work the agency is receiving it is clear that they are something that is having a positive influence for our children and bookings dept.

Of course it won’t be long before the other agencies follow suit, they always do eventually, but there can only be one FIRST and yet again that title belongs to Bizzykidz!

To view examples of these videos see under Photo Montage & Showreel Showcase.